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Pawhut 114" Floor-to-Ceiling Adjustable Staggered Climbing Cat Tree Tower

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- Floor to ceiling tension to keep tower stable
Four movable perches and hammock
Spring loaded brackets 
Soft plush covered perches 

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- Floor to ceiling tension to keep tower stable
Four movable perches and hammock
Spring loaded brackets 
Soft plush covered perches 

Give your cat the ability to fulfill its natural desire to climb with this floor to ceiling Pawhut climbing tower.

Constructed with durable steel tubing your cat will be able to use this without having to worry about scratching the metal. It comes with four movable perches along with a plush hammock to give your pets multiple areas to relax. Two spring loaded brackets make it easily movable from room to room and it secures tightly with the ceiling tension design to give it sturdy support. The high perch allows your cat to follow its instincts and get to the top where it will love being able to watch over its domain.

This unique and versatile ceiling to floor cat tower from Pawhut will be your cats favorite place to sleep comfortably while also saving space for your room.

- Floor to ceiling tension to keep tower stable
- Four movable perches and hammock
- Soft plush covered perches give great places for cats to relax
- Spring loaded brackets make it easily movable from room to room
- Simple assembly required but all necessary parts are included

- Full Size: 26"W x 14"L x 89.5" - 115"H
- Shelf Dimensions: 9"L x 14"W x 7"H
- Gap Between Shelves and Rods: 6"
- Hammock: 10"L x 16"W
- Max Platform Capacity: 11lbs
- Materials: steel tube, 600D polyester fabrics, 16mm chipboard
- Net Weight: 35lbs


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Looks Awesome
We’ve had this for a week or so and our three cats love it. We have a 17lb monster who loves climbing up it as fast as he can and it’s held up well. He doesn’t fit incredibly well on the shelves but he pretends he does anyway. Looks so much better than traditional cat condos and the height on this is great.
Nyx A.2019-01-31
Do it!
I love this cat climber... I have some pretty big cats and while the platforms are teensy bit smaller than I'd prefer, the cats still are enjoying lounging on every level of this thing. It's also very sturdy, which I was thinking would be the downfall of it. Needless to say, it's slim, sleek and aesthetically torn-up, dreary carpet/sisal rope climber will be in the garbage by the end of the week. I will update my review overtime if it doesn't hold up, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic as of now.
Great Tower -- Not just for cats!
I bough this to create a play gym for my greenwing macaw. After searching for months for a cost effective solution for hanging toys and making a play gym I finally found this. It's metal and easy to clean. It's stable and I combined it with a laundry tension pole to make a nice size play area with no need to screw things to the walls or ceiling.
Awesome Cat Tower
I have two cats. One cat LOVES it, and the other cat just stares at it and walks away. She's not into exercise. I put it in front of a floor to ceiling window, and the one that loves it is always there, either on the top shelf looking out the window, or in the hammock sleep. This was an excellent investment. And it looks really cool, too!
Sheila B.2018-10-11
Climbing tree
My cat loves it. It was easy to put together and looks nice in my living room.
kathy ..2018-09-01
Love this Cat Tree Tower
This cat tree is exactly what we wanted and more. It was easy to put together and very well made. It also looks nice in our house. My cat is still testing it out. He is a little worried about the very slight movement of the climbing steps when he jumps on them. He is a pretty big boy and a little skittish. I am hoping in time he sleeps in the hammock at the top!
Carla J.2018-07-24
Easy to put together; cats love it!
Patricia A.2017-10-03
Defect in securing the top unit to the bottom unit plus not enough shelves for a smaller cat.
There is a concern that where the two poles go together - they won't line up to put the secure screws in. The first unit I got allowed 1 screw on 1 side but not the other side. The second unit I got the holes won't line up at all to put either of the screws in to secure the top to the bottom. I need to go to a hardware store and TRY to find smaller screws to secure the unit (top to the bottom). This is the a main concern. The other concern it not enough shelving for a smaller kitty to get from one shelf to the other. It needs two more shelving units for small cats. I have to lift my kitty up to each shelf because he's only 7 pounds (his full size). I wish the unit description would have specified these.
Dianna B.2017-03-01
Love this cat tree. My
Love this cat tree. My cat can get high enough to be well over my head, and it takes up very little floor space. Everything is great quality, much better than I expected for the money. Everything is tightened down with screws and an included Alan wrench. The boards that make up the shelves are covered in a furry material and dark wood laminate on the under side, and there is even metal threading inside the holes for the screws. Did not expect that! Could only give it four stars because one of the parts that tightens it to the ceiling must be defective -- the screw bolt won't stay in position so that it can be locked into place. Luckily there are also holes for screws, so I was able to screw it directly into the ceiling, but this is not ideal since I'm renting. Shipping was fast, but I didn't want to call and complain and then wait for a replacement part before I put it up. Overall, this is a sturdy cat tree that doesn't look like the typical carpeted monstrosities in the stores, doesn't take up much space, and allows cats to get up really high. I would buy this again, and recommend to friends.
Melanie G.2016-03-09
Liked it until the hammock fell apart for no reason
My cat is a on the small side and the hammock has just disintegrated. It's unraveled and is unusable. I wrote in to ask if I could buy a another hammock and was told they don't sell parts. I won't buy another.