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PawHut 48" Multi Level Compact Wooden Playpen Outdoor Rabbit Small Animal Pet Cage with Enclosed Run

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SKU: D2-0048

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- Ideal for a variety of small animals
- Animal capacity: 2-4
- Weather-treated non-toxic wood construction
- Roof opens for easy access

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- Ideal for a variety of small animals
- Animal capacity: 2-4
- Weather-treated non-toxic wood construction
- Roof opens for easy access

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This two-leveled rabbit hutch includes a treated wood finish that is both stable and aesthetically pleasing. The top cabinet includes a fenced area with latched door that can be easily opened, as well as a closed panel that hides a ramp that gives access to the bottom level. The floor level is surrounded with open fencing and two doors, making it incredibly easy to take your pet in and out of the structure. The top cabinet can open from the roof, creating an easy access point anytime you want to reach in to grab your pet. At just over three feet tall, this provides adequate space for several rabbits while also being compact enough to go easily in the corner of a room or the backyard.

- Two levels for maximum space
- Easy access ramp for pets to enter sleeping area
- Outdoor run below the large sleeping area
- Durable mesh to keep pets in and other animals out
- Multiple doors for easy access to animals
- Durable treated wood finish
- Assembly required, all necessary parts included

- Overall size: 48"L x 19.75"W x 36.25"H
- Up-door size: 14"L x 14"H
- Up-Mesh size: 10.25"L x 8"H
- Wood thickness: 10mm
- Buyer to determine the amount of pets that will fit in the coop

Note: Our rabbit hutches are not guaranteed to be weather-tight and may need additional weather-proofing based on your climate / weather conditions


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Savannah Ehlert 2019-07-25
Super amazing product was honestly surprized.
Might Make A Great Indoor Hutch Too
AL 2019-04-11
A improvement of SKU D2-0044 is to add legs and 2nd tray, similar to D2-0048. A new third generation hybrid design of 0046 and 0048 could add a lower tray and legs and make it the most desirable in-door hutch on the market (call it D2-0052). I modified my model 0048 nearly identical to model 0046 with one additional feature. I first stapled a wire floor downstairs (using 1/2" wire mesh) which allows crumbs and other droppings to fall between the mesh onto the tray downstairs. My bunny loves it and her toe nails do not get caught in the wire mesh. Plus she stays clean while eating, hopping and relaxing where she spends about 22 hours of her day in the lower section downstairs. Her water and hay are mounted downstairs, and her food bowl is upstairs just outside the enclosed nesting box.
Very fast shipping. Wonderful customer
Eric K. 2015-12-28
Very fast shipping. Wonderful customer service.
Very nice! Fast shipping and
LeAnn H. 2015-05-21
Very nice! Fast shipping and cheapest price
Easy to put together. Perfect
karen s. 2014-10-01
Easy to put together. Perfect for one or two small or medium bunnies. Excellent value!!! Bunny loves it:)


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