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chicken run coop

Remember to make a water refilling system
If you're feeling a little more inventive though, you could also consider building a PVC pipe that runs along the side of the coop with little holes cut into it and a tiny cup attached to the bottom of each of these holes, to allow water to flow out into them. To prevent overflowing, you'll also need to craft your own float balls and attach them to these holes so that the water level can be maintained automatically (much like how toilet float balls work).
Make sure that your chickens have sufficient space to feed themselves instead of crowding around the feed in the confines of the coop. Otherwise, they may start fighting over both the feed and the water. This can be avoided by allocating multiple feeding areas in the chicken run. This will also compel your chickens to hang about in the chicken run inside of hiding in the coop all the time. A little more exercise and sunlight for them would not hurt!