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Create Your Dining and Kitchen Space

The dining room and kitchen are often the most "lived-in" spaces in your home. Here you can entertain friends, cook and enjoy meals with family. In a small apartment, where the kitchen and dining room are usually one place, organizing your space can be a big challenge. Not to worry, today we will share with you our best "recipes" for an organized, well-equipped kitchen and dining room on an affordable furniture budget.

Kitchen Essentials

Most people will have two food-related spaces in their homes - kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is an essential area of the home. Delicious meals with friends and families make for great memories. To help you set up your small apartment kitchen for the first time, we have created a quick guide to kitchen storage options and small appliance deals.

A Versatile Kitchen

In addition to any existing kitchen cabinets, a mobile kitchen island is always popular as a freestanding kitchen cabinet. It can be used to provide additional counter space to prepare your meals and storage for cooking utensils. You can also place some chairs or stools around the kitchen island counter to create a simple dining area. Kitchen Islands >

Style and Convenience

To add a touch of personal style and more storage options, a rolling kitchen island trolley is always an excellent choice.A rolling kitchen trolley or cart is easy to move around and rearrange or reorganize your kitchen or dinette areas. In addition to the kitchen, you can also move it to the dining room, bathroom or bedroom, using it as a convenient storage buffet or sideboard. Kitchen Island Carts & Trolleys >

More Kitchen Storage Options

Sideboards and kitchen pantries are very convenient for providing affordable storage options. With enclosed cabinets and open shelving space, sideboards add storage space for cutlery, dry goods, crockery or other kitchen accessories. The kitchen pantry adds more usable storage capacity to any kitchen or dining area. In addition to traditional design, a microwave pantry with open countertop space makes more room for your kitchen appliances. A notch for power cables in the back of the microwave pantry helps avoid wire clutter as well.

Small apartments for rent usually have only a few appliances, like a single hot plate or oven. Whether you are a kitchen neophyte or a professional-level chef, we have some small, affordable kitchen appliances to help you complete any kitchen on a budget and enrich any meal prep.

Meal Magic When there isn't much space in the kitchen, you NEED an air fryer. Air Fryers are very practical,and easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store out of the the way. They are also very healthy for your diet and the environment because they don't use cooking oil. Plus with no oil, you have less spatter and less clean up to do after cooking. Air Fryers >
Save Time and Money with these Mixers Aosom mixers save so much time effort in the kitchen! You can use it to prepare milkshakes, chocolate mousses, jams, ice cream and other delicacies. Save money, make condiments and treats, and make desserts that are the perfect accompaniment to coffee! Countertop & Handheld Mixers >

Everyday Cooking Made Easy

A wide selection of appliances to meet the needs of every home chef on a budget

Conquer with Cool and Beat the Heat

Stay cool this season with our air-conditioning fans and mini-fridges.

Dining Room Essentials

Whether your dining room is separate from the kitchen, or an attached dinette, it deserves special attention and care to make sure it has all the best dining essentials. You want to make it inviting, stylish and functional. Let's talk about the essential dining room furniture and accessories needed to make this important space look and feel like your very own.

The Centerpiece of the Dining Room

The dining table is centerpiece of your dining room. A great dining set allows you to share memorablel moments with your friends and family around the dining room table. Take your pick from our affordable and beautiful dining tables and dining sets. Dining Tables >

Creating an Ambience of Style and Comfort

Dining chairs help set the tone for your dining room.French accent chairs are somewhat more elegant, while Scandinavian-style chairs are more minimalist. When shopping for your best dining room deals, make sure to check out our most popular styles and types of chairs: retro, mid-century, minimalist, industrial, rustic - we have them all, and at the cheapest prices on quality furniture around! Dining Chairs >

Stylish and Practical Tables

If your dining room or dinette is small and won't fit many diners, a mini-bar table is a great space-saving option. Some bar tables also have storage space to store cutlery or other dining accessories. Bar Tables >

Stylish Dining and Bar Accessories

To match well with your bar table, you will need some stylish bar stools. Pay extra attention to the height of the bar stools against the bar to ensure that the bar table is not too short or too high for your guests to sit comfortably. Some bar stools are height-adjustable and can be adapted to fit a wider range of bar table heights. Bar Stools >

An Elegant Addition to Any Dining Room

If you are a wine lover, a wine rack will add some style and elegance to your dining room. If you like simplicity, you can opt for an iron one. We also have mobile carts can be used to carry and serve wine and other spirits at your parties. To organize your table- and glass-ware at the same time, you can choose one of our wine-rack and pantry hybrids. To keep delicate vintages at the best temperature, we also have refrigerated wine racks.
Tip: Buying an affordable matching dining and bar set is an easy choice. There is no need to try and match different pieces yourself and the design is more uniform and flowing. And in many cases, it is more cost-effective to buy them as a set. Our table and chair sets are suitable for small apartments as they are compact and designed for small spaces.
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