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Get Ready to Rock

Aosom has comfortable outdoor rocking chairs at the best value. The pendulous back and forth motion provided by these satisfying seats has the power to calm both young, old and inbtween. You will find a variety of different styles, types, and colors to fit your patio, porch, lawn, and garden seating needs.

What is a zero-gravity rocking chair? These types of rocking chairs have a reclining position that elevates the legs up to the level of the heart. At the right position of balance, it gives the sitter a feeling of weightlessness. First noted by NASA researchers, the zero-gravity position is both comfortable and a natural resting point on the joints, as weight is more evenly distributed. These rockers are built with a hardy steel frame for durability.

In our all-star lineup, look for the king of outdoor comfort, the rattan recliner. This swiveling chair is designed for outdoor use but provides the type of support and relaxation you might expect in the living room.

Folding rocking chairs allow for easy storage, portability, and travel. A folding unit will be the envy of the campsite on your next camping trip.

Acacia Wood is an excellent choice material for an outdoor rocker. This hardwood is naturally weather resistant, vibrant with natural oils that help protect it. With the right care, acacia will last and look beautiful.