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Pet Supplies
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Pet Supplies

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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Winter Sale Save an Additional 10% Off (Purchases > $99)
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Buying Guide: Pet Supplies

Give your loyal companions gifts they'll love

Our pets are members of the family, and for that reason we always want to give them the best. At Aosom you can find fantastic products for pets they’re sure to love, whether they are the best accessories for dogs, beautiful cat trees for your feline friends, or spacious cages for your birds. We also offer great outdoor hutches for rabbits or roomy chicken coops for your flock. If you have a pet and want them to have all their needs covered, don’t miss out on our pet products.

Dog Accessories

If you have a dog, you will know that one of the most important things for them is spending time with you. We have a number of dog supplies that help facilitate a stronger bond between you and your best friend. You don’t have to leave your dog at home when you go on a bike ride when you have one of our specially designed pet bicycle trailers, and products like our dog agility set give you and your dog a fun activity to do together in your backyard or park, that will stimulate and help train your dog, and be fun for you too.
There are many practical concerned when caring for a dog as well, and Aosom has solutions for those as well. We offer spacious and covered dog kennels for indoors or outdoors that will keep your dog safe and secure when you aren’t available to watch them. Taking your dog on car trips will be much easier and more enjoyable when you have protective covers on your car seats, or a special dog car seat for smaller dogs. Dog crates are also available for travelers, whether it’s a long car ride or a plane trip. Aosom’s dog supplies have everything covered.

Cat accessories

Cats are tremendous companions, but what kinds of things can you give them in return, especially when you aren’t there to provide a warm lap and chin scratch? Aosom’s Cat Supplies offer a number of products that will make cat ownership a more peacefully and enjoyable experience, both for you and your cat. Providing them with a cat tree, for example, is a great way to keep them happy when you’re gone for the work day. Cat trees provide a number of feature they’ll love, depending on the model you choose. They all have multiple platforms with soft carpeted surfaces for them to perch, great for cats that like to look out the window at the birds flying by. Most of our cat trees features sisal scatching posts that let your cat take out their natural urges to claw without damaging your furniture. Some cat trees feature hanging fun hanging toys for them to play with as well.
Any cat will tell you another necessity is a warm bed, and we have a number of cat beds and cat houses they’ll love. Covered and heated beds provide your cat with warm safe space to curl up for a nap. Outdoor cat houses provide your cat with that same safe shelter in the backyard, so they can have a place to relax when playing outside.

Bird Cages and Accessories

We didn’t forget about the bird lovers out there. Domestic birds are a joy to have, but if they can’t fly free, they deserve to have luxurious and spacious cages with lots of features they love. Our bird cages feature multiple doors for easy access for both you and your bird when you let him fly around your room. The birds may choose to visit their cages even when they’re let out with all the food, water and play stands we have available in stock, sure to keep your bird active and happy when they’re kept safe in their cage. We have different sized cages and accessories to suit every type of birds, and our cages feature removable trays to make cleaning easier.

Small Animal Cages

There are many types of small animals people love to have as pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hamsters. One look at your tiny new furry friend and you’ll want to give them the best environment possible. Aosom carries a variety of small animal cages that will suit every kind of animal and their specific needs. We have wooden cages, multi-story cages for the ones that like to explore, hamster habits with those plastic tubes they love, and even large multi-story rabbit hutches if you have a backyard big enough to give your bunnies a taste of luxury. Many of our cages combine open air sections for exercise and play, and closed spaces to hide away and rest. They feature multiple doors and pull out floors for easy access and cleaning.

Conclusion: Give your Pets their best life with Aosom Pet Supplies

A pet brings a lot of joy. With the right pet supplies, you can give your animal friend the ideal home and make them as happy as they make you. We have the right pet supplies tailored to every type of pet:

  • Small animalsneed cages. Buy the right style of habitat for your small animal to give them an engaging and comfortable environment.
  • Birds need a secure but spacious cage to call their own. We have bird cages with stimulating toys, ample feeding and water bowls, and easy access doors.
  • Dog supplies bring you closer with your best friend. Whether you’re taking them out in a special pet bike trailer, or giving them exercise with one of our obstacle courses, you’ll form a long-lasting bond with your dog.
  • Pamper your cat with products they’ll love, like a cat tree they can play on, perch on or scratch. Meet their needs with a covered litter box that can double as a table for added storage.