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large chicken coops

Four basic functions of a chicken coop
There are several basic characteristics needs for chicken coops.
1) Shelter from Wind,Rain,Snow,and Sun
Try to offer enough shelter for all chickens to find protection from rain and snow. A shelter can provide shade from the sun.
2) Adequate Sunlight
Although the shade is important, housing opening should face the sunny side. You can opt for 1/4 of the roof to be open as long as the sheltered ares is large enough for all chickens to find refund from the rain or snow.
3) Proper Ventilation
Install ventilation above where the chickens roost at night. Do not have much ventilation to protect chickens from driving wind and rain.
4) Predator Protection
Housing door should be closed at night to prevent predators unless you have a reliable predator-proof fencing system.