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    Aosom Story

    Aosom Story

    Since our humble beginnings, Aosom has grown to where we deliver thousands of products every week. We treasure our story and love that we get to be apart of yours. Each package delivered from us to you is a new beginning, and we are excited to reshare some of our favorites stories that you’ve shared with us.
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    Aosom Love Why Customers Love Aosom
    Home Story
    17 Wedding Anniversary

    17 Wedding Anniversary

    David and I are married 17 years tomorrow!!!!

    Did you know Furniture represents 17 years of marriage? Well I was over the moon when aosomuk very kindly gifted us this gorgeous garden furniture set. Awesome timing for me to gift to David

    I can’t believe Dave and I have been together 23 years in total! I’ll accept his gift of a medal as humbly as I can tomorrow
    #happilyeverafter #happilymarried
    It’s safe to say Kirby lovessss his new chair from aosomuk The perfect addition to Kirby’s new room.. not only dose it look stunning it’s amazing quality and looks a lot more expensive than it is.

    Head over to aosomuk where you will find everything from toys to furniture and Christmas decorations!

    Check out my stories to shop aosomuk and see a sleepy baby

    Chair Gifted
    Like mother like daughter
    Freya just casually getting ready this morning drawing her eyebrows on... She gets more and more like me everyday

    My pink chair from aosomuk finishes off my dressing area perfectly! We have such a girlie house and what more could a girlie mum ask for than a pink swivel chair! I'm pretty sure Freya thinks it's hers and I tend to find her sat here living her best life I dread to think what she's going to be like in a few years time... I going to have to hide my make up away!

    Take a look at aosomuk page they have so much to offer! GIFTED/PR
    They’re products are such great quality and value for money!

    We have kindly been sent this office chair with massage and heat feature which is perfect considering starting my nee job working from home!

    It was so easy to put together and is honestly so comfortable. It is a wide chair, so lots of room and the massage feature is just a lovely added bonus.

    I will be adding a story and swipe up directly to this chair, which will also be found in my swipe ups and collabs highlights for future reference.
    Bunny Rocker

    One of Isla’s favourite songs at the moment is Hop Little Bunnies, we must sing it 12 times a day so this super cute Bunny Rocking Ride On from aosomuk has been a hit for her.

    I love that the high back and sides means that she can just sit there if she wants. It’s also got a safety belt and makes the cutest little noises when you press a button on its ear.

    I can see the girls having lots of fun together with this

    Thank you #aosomuk
    Azári gave me the best reactions when opening this parcel!

    Massive shout out to aosomuk for sending the electric ride on for Azári.
    This product is estimated for age 3-6.
    Comes in 3 different colours. Also has buttons for engine start sounds. Has a front light.

    I’m really impressed with the quality of the bike for the bike! It’s on sale for £65!
    Children's story
    Why Customers Love Aosom