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Get Patio Gazebos

Gazebos are a fantastic way to expand the usable area of an outdoor space. They provide a place to light up a summer night, enjoy a barbecue, or have dinner with family and friends. Are you worried about how to build a gazebo? Fret not, our units come with excellent how-to instructions and some with how-to videos.

Gezebo is a funny word. What does gazebo mean? Some folks have working definitions that are as loose as “waterproof tents”, but we define it as: A roofed structure of permanence used for outdoor recreation, that has no walls. Some of our models do provide the option of side curtains to help control the environment inside, helping to keep out a breeze or to increase the efficiency of your heat lamp to keep the inside warmer. The permanence of a gazebo sets it apart from tents and other types of outdoor shelter. If you are wondering what gazebo to buy, we hope this guide will help you.

Why buy a gazebo?

With the help of a gazebo, an outdoor space can be made enjoyable all year round. Along with the protection from rain, the addition of an outdoor stove or heat lamp can help kill the chill so you can hang outside whenever you want. A Gazebo can also help extend the life of your outdoor furniture.

Gazebo vs Tent

If you are looking for a shelter for your yard, a gazebo is the best option for a structure stable and fixed. If you are looking for a portable option, a gazebo may not be the right choice for you. We also offer tent models that are foldable and very easy to carry. You can find them of different sizes and assortments in our tent category page.

Gazebo vs Pergolas

What is the difference between a pergola and a gazebo? The answer is right above your head: the roof! A gazebo has a solid roof while a pergola has a slotted roof that lets sunlight through. Trying to choose between the two? Consider your use and climate. If you live in a wet climate it might be worth it to have a permanent roof. Often with a pergola, people plant a vine to train overhead to provide extra cover and aesthetic. If you are interested in a pergola, you can visit our that category page to find more options.

A Gazebo is King of the Garden

Why buy a gazebo? They are a great way to easily add functional space to a garden or terrace, to protect your garden furniture, and to have the best outdoor dinners. Some Outsunny gazebos are made of sturdy galvanized aluminum and are offered multiple shapes and sizes. They have a fixed roof and folding curtains to create an optional exterior. If curtains are not desired, they can be neatly tied to the side with straps on the posts. You can open or close all 4 sides, independently, according to your needs. Most models have a two-level roof to provide good ventilation. Some models come with craftsman style moldings on the legs to further add elegance and style.Patio gazebos are also a good choice for you, we recommend checking out our blog for more camping information!