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Garden Planters

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Outdoor Sale UP TO 60% OFF
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Outdoor Sale UP TO 60% OFF
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Outdoor Sale UP TO 60% OFF
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Containing Your Happy Plants

Why you need garden planters?

Planters will make your garden look beautiful. They also help to organize, and manage soil, moisture, and fertilizer to keep plants thriving. The most basic element to consider is size. Plan your dimensions and number of planters in accordance with the number and the type of plants you want to grow. Some plants need deeper boxes for longer roots or need more room from their neighbors so it can spread out as they grow and develop. Outsunny planters will give you a great garden. 

Box units are the most typical type of planter; well-made squares that keep your plants organized and happy. Elevated planters lift the plants from ground-level to people-level. If you plan on spending a lot of time planting and tending, your back will be thanking you because this box is on legs. It looks great and is a good spot to sprout seeds, or get small plants ready to transplant. Trellis backed boxes offer a wooden ladder for your vines to climb and weave through. Look for specialty styles of planter that will add flair and delight to your garden like a wheelbarrow or wagon style - so cute!


Wood is a great option for allowing drainage, which is the most popular garden planter. If you live in a wet clime you should consider water buildup as something to manage in your garden. If you have a tarp, asphalt, or hard ground below your bed, these surfaces are not very porous, and will not allow the water to drain down very quickly. Wood is a good option in these situations, especially if it is very wet. Lack of evaporation around the roots can lead to potential mold there, as well as in the soil. Aosom has wooden elevated gardens for you to choose.

Metal is not porous, and it is a great option for the opposite reasons of a wood planter. Metal raised planter boxes are great if you want to retain a lot of water. A good option for drier environments, or gardening in the summer. Metal also retains heat more easily so be aware that it will heat up if exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Plastic planters are light weight and easy to transport. They also retain water well and come in a variety of colors.