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Transform your own backyard or take the comfort of home with you on vacation. Whether it's one of our barbecues, hammocks, or patio furniture sets, Outsunny makes your outdoor events unforgettable.
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Love this set! Bought 2!
I found this Outsunny set while looking for a different one. Bought the first set and like it so much I bought a second! Gets a ton of compliments and is comfortable! I would recommend this to anyone. Only thing is if you have small children unsupervised (which shouldn't be the case) these chairs and table are very light and can be easily tipped.
Clean and simple !
Came in 4 manageable boxes I was able to lift by my self. I liked how well all pieces went together nice tight fit no real gaps. I installed by my self it took 3 hrs to put all sticks together and 6 hrs to fix main track to house and assemble standing frame and fit panels. Panels are light and not as thick as I was expecting but very solid when put in tracks. Over all very happy.
Quick and courteous service
Arrived 4 days within ordering I won't be assembling until February in preparation for spring planting but the condition of the box and the product inside seem to be in good working order everything was wrapped in plastic
Solid, sturdy.well-made
Less than 1/2 price of big namebrands.area where ropes hang have about 1 inch insulation instead of two like the rest of cooler. I cut piece of 1"thick insulating foam board.beveled edges,perfect fit,taped in place, covered cooler with silver solar shield, its like a silver tarp material..taped with silver aluminum metalic duct tape..actual metal ...Read Moretape, highheat rated..put 8 ounce frozen water bottle in center of cooler, sat in full sun for 6 hours, outdoor air temp went from 107 to 110..table by cooler was 140 degrees, dirt ground below table was 150 degrees, outside cooler temp was 100 degrees, inside cooler was 84 degrees with 4 of the 8 ounces of ice unmelted after 6 110 degrees..holds cold very well in 110 degree temperature.. no need to cover it with silver like i did unless you dont have full shade..would be easy to get ice to 7+ days if you use 1/2 block ice, 1/2 cubes, and prechill food and drink close freezing as you can..great cooler..strong enough to support front end of jeep or your mother-in-law(use plywood overlay)
Awesome AOSOM Priduct
Aosom got our canopy here in perfect time! They were courteous, helpful, and talked us through a nightmare due to UPS splitting up our order and only three boxes arriving one day with the instructions and and hardware in the missing box! After staying on the phone with us for over an hour I can honestly say that they did their best to get their fa...Read Morentastic product to us on time. Our last box arrived the day of the event and we scrambled to get it together in the nick of time!
Excellent patio set for the price. Exceeded expectation.
Just purchased and put together our new patio set. We were concerned about the height and low back support but upon assembling it we were surprised at how comfortable the cushions are and the low back support is just the right height as well as the height from the floor. Assembly took about 2 hrs. Surprised all 7 pieces fit in 3 boxes. Very satisf...Read Moreied and would strongly recommend this set. It's also very functinal because you can arrange the individual pieces any way you want..

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